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Pothole Expert

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“Helping you claim funds from road agencies for damage to your vehicle as a result of ‘Potholes’. Road agencies can make the claims process challenging. We get the best possible settlements on your claim from 3rd Parties responsible as quickly and as painlessly as possible.”

Gavin Pillay – Founder

It was identified that the amount of roads considered to be in a poor to very poor condition in Gauteng increased from 20% to 46%.

Potholes can severely damage not only your wheel and tyre but your suspension, exhaust and body work.

The average cost to repair and replace your tyres and wheels can be in excess of R5,000.00

Pothole Expert specialises in claiming funds for our members from road agencies for damage to their vehicles as a result of ‘Potholes’. In most cases, road agencies can make the claims process challenging and frustrating to understand. We get the best possible settlements on your claim from the 3rd Parties responsible as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Dealing with government departments and parastatals, such as road agencies, can be complex and difficult, therefore we use our extensive legal and administrative expertise to simplify the entire process and really take the pain away. Our team of experts have an average of 15 years administrative and legal experience in handling claims.

Our team helps beneficiaries complete all paperwork involved in their claim to get the maximum amount possible as efficiently as possible.

The following  Services are Included?

  • Full recovery for pothole damages to tyres, mags and rims.
  • No limit on recovery i.e. recovery is for full tyre and not just unused tyre portion.
  • No excess payable.
  • Exclusive discounts on replacement tyres from participating Tyre retailers.
  • Telephonic assistance and advice explaining what is necessary to prepare a claim.
  • Arrange for an initial assessment with a qualified and experienced assessor.
  • Case Management of the claim.
  • All Administration required for the presentation of a “bona fide” claim as determined and arranged by Pothole Expert.
  • Up to 100% payout of all successful claims.



There is between a 5 – 20 working day turnaround period to process your claims.


Our Claims process is quick and easy to navigate. Our experts will submit your claim on your behalf once all supporting documents are received.


We will endeavour to obtain the best possible settlements for beneficiaries from road agencies.

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