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Fines Expert

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“Assisting our members with a no hassle way of paying their traffic fines, with an added bonus  of negotiated fine reductions for beneficiaries.”

Gavin Pillay – Founder

Failure to comply with the requirements of an issued Enforcement Order for a traffic offense within 32 days will result in a Warrant being issued to recover the applicable penalty and fees.

Non payment of traffic fines may include seizing your movable property, defacing your driving license and license disc, or reporting you to a credit bureau.

Aarto makes provision for a contravention register that captures outstanding traffic fines countrywide. Aarto can prevent drivers with outstanding traffic fines from renewing their vehicle and driver’s licences.

Fines Expert specialises in providing a unique service which is designed to streamline the payment of traffic fines. Fines Expert’s quick, easy and painless channel to get fines paid, with the added benefit of negotiated fine reductions for beneficiaries.

Dealing with municipal and provincial traffic departments can be a complex and difficult process, therefore we use our extensive legal and administrative expertise to simplify the entire process and really take the pain away. Our team of experts have an average of 15 years administrative and legal experience in handling Legal Documents and claims as efficiently as possible.

Your membership of Fines Expert entitles you to the following service(s):

  • Easy, no fuss fines payment facility.
  • Fines Expert offers all beneficiaries easy access to our legal department, for full legal assistance to access fines and their legitimacy and legality.
  • Any discount negotiated on fines will be to the benefit of the beneficiary.
  • No queues or admin nightmares in dealing with Traffic Departments. Beneficiaries have the benefit of a safe, secure fines payment facility, which provides proof of fines settlement & peace of mind.
  • Our expert team provides full legal and administrative support and representation on all traffic fines related matters.



Easy, no fuss fines payment facility with proof of payment of fines are submitted to you for your records. Discounts on traffic fines up to a maximum of 100%


Full legal assistance from our panel of experts to both assess fines as well investigate the legitimacy and legality of the fine in question.

48 TAT

48 hour turnaround on our easily accessible traffic fines payments system.

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